US Commerce Secretary: We’re in a Better Place on Trade Deal With China as Talks Have Resumed



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Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said on Saturday that China would work with the United States to address each other’s mutual concerns based on equality and mutual respect, in a bid to stop the trade war raging between the world’s two biggest economies and causing damage to the global economy.

According to US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the US is not limited to a specific date to sign the first phase of a trade pact with China and it is crucially important to ultimately work out the right deal. The investor and commerce secretary went on to note “they are in a better place on US-China trade deal” thanks to resumed talks.

“It has to be the right deal, and it doesn’t have to be in November,” Ross told Fox Business Network in a television interview, adding resolutely: “It’s more critical that it be a proper deal that exactly when it occurs.”

The world’s two biggest economies reached a limited deal last week seeking to end the trade war that has hugely impacted global markets, as the two has been exchanging a whole number of tariff exchanges vis-a-vis the countries’ locally produced goods adn their exports.

Both sides are currently working toward a written agreement. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, the chief negotiator in the contonuing trade talks, told a virtual reality conference in Nanchang, the key financial and cultural hub in Jiangxi province, that China and the US arrived at “substantial progress in many fields, laying an important foundation for the signing of a phased agreement.” 



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