Watch Russian Cop Chase Down Drunk Driver’s Vehicle on Foot



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Sputnik International

The incident took place in a rural area in Irkutsk region, north of Mongolia, and about 4,200 km east of Moscow.

Police dashcam footage captured some incredible stunt work by a local cop in Russia’s Irkutsk region, with the officer seen lunging out of his vehicle, running after, catching up to and climbing into a speeding vehicle being driven by a suspect presumed to be inebriated.

Footage posted by the Interior Ministry’s YouTube account shows police chasing after a small Toyota hatchback violating traffic rules and refusing to stop. As the pursuit entered a built-up area and the violator’s vehicle slowed, police senior lieutenant Evgeniy Aksyenov was seen jumping out of his prowler, running after the suspect’s vehicle and climbing into the back seat, forcing the driver to stop.

Upon detention, the driver, who had previously received convictions for traffic violations and been sentenced to two years of probation, admitted to being inebriated. He was issued a steep fine and a decision on whether or not to initiate criminal proceedings against him will be made shortly.


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