Chaos and misery — that is exactly what life in Mosul is like more than 1.5 years after Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition staged one of the deadliest conflicts in decades to overthrow the town from Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS).

What was once Iraq’s second largest town and home to countless has been reduced to ash in July 2017, once the US-led coalition dropped bombs and recaptured it from IS. Over 10,000 civilians are estimated to have been killed in the battle.

Countless bodies are still buried beneath the rubble amid the dearth of recovery crews and gear. Locals say corruption and fraud are stopping the procedure.

“You can’t even imagine how difficult it’s — no hospitals, no schools, no teachers. We are like the living dead. We have a cemetery over there, but it’s a cemetery for your living\. Pot holes are everywhere, there are still corpses everywhere and if anybody brings humanitarian assistance, the local officials simply slip it, they are all corrupt,” a Mosul resident told RT.

There’s no reconstruction here, all their renovation efforts are simply ink on paper.

There are fears that IS could come back to the town and apply the corruption and chaos to re-emerge. \Even the US-led coalition spent billions of dollars when it blasted Mosul, but it didn’t cash out about rebuilding when it was done\.

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“There are no basic services in town, no tasks — it is terrible,” one nearby resident stated. “We’re here fighting all the hardships. We now regret that we came back.”

Meanwhile, the almost 2 million Iraqis remain displaced, according to UN estimates. Nearly 700,000 of them are out of Mosul.

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