The UK must be prepared to use’power’ from China and Russia, defense chief Gavin Williamson has said. The remark has raised eyebrows in Moscow, which calls it”insignificant” to fact and aimed at securing a larger funding.

The UK should strengthen its “lethality” and has to be ready to “use hard power” to maintain it pursuits against nations like Russia and China, Secretary of State for Defense Gavin Williamson said on Monday.

Offering a speech at the Royal United Services Institute in London, he accused “resurgent” Moscow of boosting its “military arsenal” to attract former Soviet states like Georgia and Ukraine “into its orbit.”

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Britain’s’backyard’? UK Would like to deploy 800 troops to defend’interests’ at the Arctic

The UK defense main lashed out at Beijing too, warning the audience that China is “developing its contemporary capability and commercial power.”

” We need to be prepared to demonstrate that the high price of aggressive behaviour, prepared to strengthen our endurance.

The politician made the comments as London prepares to send its biggest warship, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, to the South China Sea on a mission to apply freedom of rights.

Williamson’s statement was met with a mixed reaction in Russia, together with the country’s embassy in the united kingdom calling it “completely irrelevant” in reality, nonetheless “worrying” in its militaristic soul.

“Surely, it is convenient to threaten society with the so-called’Russian threat’, distracting it in the relevant internal and external problems that Great Britain faces now,” the embassy said in an statement.

“Aside from this, the British minister is chasing a very specific goal with such announcements: painting our country as an’aggressor’, he’s attempting to expand the state capital of the UK’s military-industrial complicated”

Williamson, 42, is known for pushing Britain into reassert its role as a powerful military authority. He \often makes headline-grabbing statements that are bombastic. Back in September, commenting on plans to send British troops into the Arctic, he called the region the country’s”backyard”

At the conclusion of this past year, he unveiled plans to build military bases in the Far East and the Caribbean, suggesting it helps the UK to become a “real international player” after departing the EU.

Throughout the anxieties within the Skripal poisoning case, Williamson went to a fiery tirade against Moscow, stating which Russia should “go away and shut up”

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