Amid the ongoing Boeing 737 MAX scandal, the corporation’s share price has plummeted and international fleets of this problematic plane are still grounded, but one unlikely source has offered some guidance: Donald Trump.

The US president tweeted his own sexy spin on the embattled airliner’s issues in the early hours of Monday morning, suggesting a rebranding plus a few unspecified “added wonderful features” were the recipe for a reversal of Boeing’s flooding.

What do I know about branding, maybe nothing (but I’d become President!) , but when I had been Boeing, I would correct that the Boeing 737 MAX, put in some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a brand new name.

No merchandise has endured like this one. But \what the hell do I know?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April (*************************************************************), respectively 2019

Additionally on rt.com
Trump offers FIX for Boeing 737 MAX: Add Wonderful features & REBRAND

As expected, remark on Twitter has been split, with many highlighting the president’s own plethora of unsuccessful business ventures over the previous couple of decades.

good ideathey could rebrand it Trump Air… oh wait, there already was a Trump Air and you flew it right into still another bankruptcy. Oh well, cool business advice , Guy Who Failed At Every Job Except Game Show Host, tell us yet the following

— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) April 15, 2019

interesting that you equate being the president of these united states of america with your own personal brand, not a sense of civic responsibility… you are a useless piece of shit incidentally. . .well, not useless, you expose for you like flies gather on shit, the idiots that fall.

— anton newcombe (@antonnewcombe) April (*************************************************************), 2019

Lol, NO product has suffered?

What which you put your title on has endured BIGLY:

trump Steaks

trump Airlines

trump University

trump Foundation

trump Magazine

trump Ice

trump Casino

Eric trump

It’s almost as if your name is toxin.

— BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) April (*************************************************************), respectively 2019

Others created light of this president’s opinions, and a few staunch supporters rushed to Trump’s defense.

You know nothing, Don Snow.

— The Volatile Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) April (*************************************************************), respectively 2019

Wonder if he will recommend 737 MAGA. Worked for him personally.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April (*************************************************************), respectively 2019

It seems like solid advice to me, Mr President! )

(Decision )They’d do well to listen!

— Lori Hendry (@Lrihendry) April (*************************************************************), respectively 2019

Simply eating popcorn to the much left comments regarding how clever they are. Not, hello and remarks here. Allow the fireworks fly. TRUMP 2020

— Joe – UnitedBeast3099 (@TheFilmMixer101) April (*************************************************************), respectively 2019

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