What to expect in Trump’s impeachment trial


The impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump is under way. It marks a historic moment in the United States and highlights the deep divisions in the country.

According to Democrats, the rule of law and the future of democracy are at stake.

However, many Republicans, who hold the majority of the Senate, feel this is a wasteful, divisive charade – or to quote Trump “a hoax”.

But whether people celebrate or dislike Trump, putting a president on trial to decide if he is guilty of impeachable offences and should be removed from office is a hugely serious moment – not a hoax and not a charade.

As the Senate turns into a big courtroom, the big questions are: Does the president have the right to push other countries – in this case, Ukraine – to do his bidding? Is it an abuse of power to push a foreign country to investigate his political rival? And did Trump wipe out the power of Congress by blocking evidence and testimony during the impeachment investigation last year?

Join Steve Clemons on a discussion on what is next in this drama of 100 senators and the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Will this trial just go through the motions? Or should we expect some surprises along the way?


– Jason Miller – co-host of the daily podcast, “War Room: Impeachment” and former spokesman for the 2016 Trump campaign

– Hilary Hurd – contributor for the Lawfare Blog who is wrapping up her law degree at the Harvard University

– Richard Goodstein – attorney and Democratic strategist in Washington, DC.

Source: Al Jazeera


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