What We Know So Far About the London Bridge Attack



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The attack, which is currently being treated as terrorism, took place in the middle of the day in the centre of the UK capital, with the perpetrator being shot by responding law enforcement.

An unidentified individual, armed with a knife, assaulted several people on London Bridge near the city’s business district at around 2.00 pm. Police soon dealt with the attacker, but not before he managed to injure several civilians.

Here is what we know about the incident so far:

  • The exact number of perpetrators involved in the attack remains unclear, with police at first reporting that they had detained the suspect, but later stated that he had been shot dead.
  • The assault is currently being treated as terror-related by the city’s police.

  • The attacker who was shot by the police was wearing a “hoax” explosive device on his body. Police have searched the area for real explosives as a precaution, but have so far found nothing.

  • London Bridge remains closed as police are conducting an investigation of the incident.

  • The Metropolitan Police reported that there were “a number of people injured” and promised to give exact numbers later.

  • Two people were reportedly killed by the attacker before he was neutralised, while some were left seriously injured.


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